Penn State is planning for full on-campus activities, including in-person teaching and learning, for the spring 2022 semester. Please check the University Status page on the Virus Info website for testing protocols, masking requirements, and other details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about maintaining continuity of learning throughout the semester.

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Health and Safety

Review the Vaccine Information page on the Virus Info website for the latest vaccine requirement information for students.

For detailed information about quarantine and isolation, review the Quarantine and Isolation page on the Virus Info website.

For the most up-to-date masking guidance, refer to the Health Guidelines page on the Virus Info website.

With the exception of bottled water, all food and drink consumption is prohibited in classrooms. Straws are recommended to minimize the time masks are moved aside for those drinking water. And you should also be especially conscious of physical distancing when drinking. For more information, refer to policy AD62 – Use of General Purpose Classrooms.

Students both on-campus and off-campus who have not shared with the University that they have been vaccinated will be notified when they have to test, and there will be significant consequences for noncompliance. Consequences for noncompliance include a process of warnings and sanctions up to and including suspension.

Everyone must wear masks indoors at all times in all University public indoor spaces. The University encourages everyone who is able to get a COVID-19 vaccination as the vaccines are effective at keeping you from contracting COVID-19, as well as protecting you from severe illness should you contract COVID-19.

It may take some time to reacclimate to classrooms and offices on campus. You should continue the use of practices that help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other seasonal illness such as flu (e.g., hand hygiene, wearing of masks, not coming to class when ill).

No. If you are not vaccinated, you are permitted in classroom, advising, and other on-campus spaces as all others are, but you must remain masked.

While you can ask a someone about their vaccination status, no one is required to share this personal information.

The Penn State Student Affairs website provides comprehensive information about COVID-19 including what to do if you feel sick, contact tracing, and quarantine/isolation.

International Students

Review the guidelines for international students for fall 2021 maintained by Global Penn State.

Students can locate information about which software they can access from international locations in the International Restrictions of Penn State Software and Technology Services (PDF)

If you are unable to use the software of your choice, please consult the document to see if there is a Penn State provided alternative. You may also try to connect through a Penn State–provided VPN. However, international governments can change access to the software at any time. 

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