Instructional Modes

Spring 2021 and Summer 2021

The flexible instructional modes are designed to help you reach key learning outcomes and allow you to engage with faculty, peers, and course content. Review the information about each flexible instructional mode to make the best decisions if adjusting your schedule or selecting your courses in LionPATH.

All courses at University Park with enrollment over 250 will be delivered remotely. At other Penn State campuses, the maximum number of students in an in-person setting is lower, and any class of 100 or more students must be offered remotely. Additionally, smaller classes may need to be offered remotely due to health and safety considerations for faculty and students and the restrictions that physical distancing places on class size and room availability.

Faculty will communicate how assessments will be delivered. This may be a mix of in-person and remote assessments, regardless of the delivery method of the course itself. Instructional modes for spring and summer 2021 are:

  • In-Person: Students meet in the assigned classroom at the time assigned in the course schedule.
  • Mixed-Mode: Students meet via a mix of in-person and remote instruction.
  • Remote Synchronous: Students and instructors meet virtually and simultaneously during scheduled meeting times.
  • Remote Asynchronous: Students and instructors use communication and collaboration tools at no scheduled meeting time.

Fall 2021

Fall semester will more closely resemble Penn State’s in-person instructional experience. Classes will be scheduled using the University’s standard (non-COVID) modes of instruction.

Fall 2021 instructional modes are described on the Registrar’s website.

We recognize that some students cannot return to campus or may want to take classes remotely. In most cases, options will be available to allow students to continue to make progress. Such options will include enrolling in asynchronous Web courses or doing a temporary change of campus to Penn State World Campus. Students cannot request options to attend courses remotely via Zoom.