Effective immediately, Penn State will require all students, faculty, staff, and visitors — regardless of vaccination status — to wear masks indoors at all campuses. Learn more about Penn State's health guidelines.

Mixed-Mode Instruction

Fall 2021

At this point, classes will be scheduled using the University’s standard (non-COVID) modes of instruction. Visit the Instructional Modes page to learn more about the fall 2021 plans and find related frequently asked questions.

This instructional mode offers a mix of in-person and remote instruction. Each instructor will deploy their mixed-mode course in a way that works best considering the desired learning objectives. Some possibilities include:

Rotating lecture attendance where some portion of the class attends in person and the others attend via a remote synchronous environment.
Lectures delivered remotely with small group, in-person recitations or problem solving sessions.
Lectures delivered remotely with small group, in-person laboratory or performance sessions.

Place: Room is assigned AND remote element provided (Zoom or other).
Time: Days and times are assigned.

In LionPATH (Class Detail view)

Days & Times: Mo 6:00PM-9:00PM, for example (dates and times are assigned). In LionPATH, a mixed mode course may have both a date and time and TBA listed, or the course may only have the date and time listed (without TBA). 
Room: Patterson Bldg 304, for example (a room is assigned) — this example is for UP campus. In LionPATH, a mixed mode course may have both an assigned room and ZOOM listed or just the assigned room.
Instructional mode: COVID Mixed Mode

Starting in mid-August, refer to your course in Canvas for more detailed information about the type of mixed-mode option used for the specific course.

What to Expect

  • high degree of flexibility
  • opportunity for in-person experiential elements and skills-based learning
  • reduced in-person learning community to support physical distancing
  • minimal impact transitioning to remote delivery if pandemic worsens
  • required masking, physical distancing, and contact tracing
  • technology supporting engagement between in-person and remote students

Video: Faculty Share Their Mixed-Mode Plans