Can I do a multi-campus registration and a temporary change of campus in the same semester and how would that affect my tuition?

Yes, but keep in mind to consult with your academic adviser to ensure there are course offerings available that will allow you to continue to make progress toward your degree.

Under a multi-campus registration, students are only eligible to enroll in courses offered at a different campus one week prior to the start of the semester. Course offerings are likely to be very limited by that time and we encourage you to work with your academic adviser early if you consider this option.

If you decide to try to do this after consulting with your adviser, you will want to file for a temporary change of campus as early as possible within LionPATH to ensure you have access to the most course offerings the campus you would be changing to offers. Remember, seats fill up as the registration cycle continues.

Tuition will ultimately be charged at the rate of the campus you have temporarily changed to unless you have more credits at another campus through multi-campus registration for which you will be administratively changed to that campus and charged that campus’ tuition rate.

If you have further questions regarding your tuition, please email