I am a University Park (UP) student.  I want to learn at home for the semester by taking remote UP courses and also take one in-person class from the Commonwealth Campus near where I live. What tuition will I pay?

In this case, the student would be charged the standard UP tuition rate where in-state and out-of-state tuition rates will apply. The multi-campus registration policy permits a student to enroll in courses offered at a campus that is not their assigned campus, but there is an important restriction to consider. Students are not eligible to enroll in a course that is offered at a different campus until one week prior to the start of the semester (this fall, that’s August 17). We expect course offerings to be limited by that time and encourage students to work with their academic adviser to make a plan and a backup plan in the event that a course they want to schedule at another campus is full.

Note: If the multi-campus registration process results in the majority of your credits being offered through a different campus, a temporary change of campus will be administratively processed, and the new campus’ tuition rates will apply.

If you have further questions regarding your tuition, please email fall2020tuition@psu.edu.