If something unexpected happens after the late drop deadline and I can no longer continue to participate in a course, can I appeal to be allowed to drop the course?

Undergraduate students must use the appeal process to petition for a retroactive late drop through the Faculty Senate. As soon as you determine you cannot participate in the course, you should work with your academic adviser to ensure that all parts of your petition are complete prior to submission. Note that you should not submit your petition to the Faculty Senate Office directly; a petition can only be submitted through your college or campus. The Faculty Senate Office has additional details on submitting a petition.

Graduate students’ requests for a retroactive late drop must be submitted by the graduate program to the student’s Records Coordinator in the Office of Graduate Enrollment Services. The graduate program should provide a detailed explanation describing the extenuating circumstances, why the course in question could not be dropped by the published late-drop deadline, and why the course cannot be completed as planned and indicate its support for the request.

For both undergraduate and graduate students receiving financial aid, having incomplete (DF, NG, LD) or failing grades (F) on their transcript at the end of the semester may negatively impact their federal and state aid satisfactory academic progress review, which typically occurs annually at the end of spring semester. This annual review determines a student’s eligibility for aid for future semesters. However, students who are on financial aid probation for fall 2020 should consult with an Office of Student Aid adviser to discuss how a fall 2020 incomplete or failing grade may impact their spring 2021 financial aid eligibility.