Without spring break, will there be any other designated time to take a break from my courses?

Wellness days, which will be in place across all campuses, will be non-instructional days during which no classes will be held, although University offices will remain open.

Wellness days will take place on February 9, March 11, and April 7 at University Park, including Penn State Law, and the Commonwealth Campuses. All wellness-day activities on February 9 will be remote.

Dickinson School of Law has designated February 15, March 10, March 30, and April 16 as Wellness Days.

The College of Medicine has designated March 29, April 16, and May 7 as Wellness Days for medical students and February 15, March 11, March 24, April 6, and April 16 as Wellness Days for physician assistant program students.

Visit the Wellness Days website for more information about Wellness Days, including programming and events.